Fluid Mechanics

Dear Fluid Mechanics’ students,

Due to the critical situation related to coronavirus, we have a very difficult situation for conducting our classes.
In order for the teaching process to be carried out and at the end you will receive grades, I suggest the following solution:
As part of the lectures, I will prepare for you a list of issues for self-study, on the basis of which you will create individual presentations that you will later present.
As part of the seminars, I will post on websites the tasks and thier solutions, which you will have to study individually.
As part of the laboratory exercises, I will prepare sample test results based on which you will prepare reports. When the situation with virus calms down and we all come back to classes then we will supplement your report with real data.

Please send all comments and questions, as well as yours the approvals send to Robert.Manko@zut.edu.pl



List of issues:

  1. Hydrostatic pressure;
  2. Buoyancy
  3. Turbulent and laminar flow
  4. Flows in closed section (pipes under pressure)
  5. Open channel flows (one dimension describe)
  6. Critical flow
  7. Groundwater flow

For OAK – 1, 2
For FSA – 4, 5, 6
For AES – 3, 7


Dear students,

below I am sending you the tasks as part of the seminar. Some of them are filled, and some are for independent expansion. Next week we will hold consultations (I will give the time and date on this page). Due to the fact that I have the same classes with Polish students, I give the same materials. I provided the necessary translations under the solutions.


1.1.  198,1 kPa
1.2. 5,09 m
1.3. 4,34 kN
1.4. 5 m
1.5. 3T; 47 kN
2.1.  4 kN
2.2. 5,20 m
2.3. 203,4 kPa
2.4. 0,72 m
2.5. 4,02 kN
3.1.  2,11 m
3.2. a) 0 -9810 Pa; b) 10200 Pa – 200100 Pa
3.3. 176580 N; 147150 N
3.4. 536 kPa
3.5. 0,19